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Diagnostic Technology

Intraoral Camera 
The intraoral camera, about the size of a pen, lets you see up-close, exactly how your smile looks and the condition of your teeth. The image of your old restorations or teeth are projected onto a screen Dr. Cassis can give you the information you need to get the care you deserve. It's also used as a diagnostic tool that detects inconsistencies in your smile. 

Computerized Digital Radiography (x-rays)
X-rays can now be taken using a computer sensor instead of traditional film. There is up to 90% less radiation exposure to the patient using computerized x-rays and it eliminates the environmental impact of disposal of heavy metals and film developing chemicals associated with traditional x-rays. 

Air Abrasion-Silence of the Drill 
Air abrasion is the most high-tech, state-of-the-art system for replacing the drill. It's a gentle spray of an air and powder mix that removes tooth decay, generally with no need for an injection. Its technology eliminates the odors, noise, vibration, micro-cracks and, in most cases, the shot associated with the drill. For certain cavities, the air abrasion system allows the removal of decay without the need for a drill. Although it cannot be used for teeth needing extensive restoration, the air abrasion system is rapidly becoming more versatile, and is remarkably well suited for small to medium size cavities.
Once the decay is removed, a virtually invisible filling is placed to restore your tooth's original natural strength and beauty. It is often difficult, even for dentists, to see that you have ever had anything done.